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Our Programmes


One of the advancement in Karate, found by ShihanSaravanan, breaking all barriers in traditional method of following Japanese karate, a live and rejuvenated one with special emphasis on Indian Culture.


Training is given on Amateur Kick-Boxing or American Kick-boxing. There are categories under both Full Contact and Free-style. Students would be given exposure to Muey-thai (Thai-Boxing) as well.


Self- defense (Men / Women)

Than being a regular techniques, it is more practical and emphasis would be given on application oriented situations.

MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

From the traditional way of learning a single martial art style, it focuses on student specific requirements in our current scenario.


Weight Reduction / Belly Reduction

Uniquely designed, seeking permanent solution in reducing weight with step by step approach. Completely natural and specific to the clients physique.


Having its origin in Tamil Nadu, we give importance on it’s traditional application and the advancements



Yoga promotes physical strength because kids learn to use all of their muscles in new ways. Simple postures and concentration techniques are taught in this class that helps develop strength, agility and coordination.


Exclusive batches for adults



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