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A Few Words About Us


Sarchanbudo Martial Arts Academy

Sarchanbudo Martial Arts Academy is established and inspired by the vision our legendary martial artists,who foreseen martial art instead of being a mere physical training, a way of reaching spiritual attainment. It is more than fitness and opens an arena to excel in one’s life and to face challenges and converting hardships into opportunities. It makes it disciples to open their mind to overcome the fixed movements and to face other type of Martial arts.



I am the founder of this academy and Martial art style Sarchanbudo. I have started my martial arts life under the guidance of my father and my first guru(Teacher) Chandhiraier who himself was a traditional Indian wrestler, from my very childhood. I was more inspired with the Legendary Martials artist and actor Bruce Lee. With my past 20 years of martial arts passion, I learned and expertised in Karate,Kalari,Taekwondo, Kick boxing, Yoga, Silambam and Judo. I was working under expert masters in India. I have corporate experience in Management for 6 years.


I link the martial art with the responsibility of one’s own as well as towards the Society. Because it gives one to think beyond worldly possibilities and limitations. Thereby it makes him unique to guide the mankind. I am searching the true meaning of Martial arts and I found it is not the art of fight alone rather it is the art of revelation. It is the spirit we are trying to wake up through the proper way of martial arts thereby synchronizing our body, mind and spirit. Martial art is not the art of fighting and winning a fight alone rather it is the art of facing challenges, obstacles and winning life. It explores within oneself to do the best to himself and to the society. It is not a mere punches, blocks and kicks, it is the philosophy, ethics, morality and self-revelation.


When does a person becomes a martial artist?


One can’t be called as a martial artist simply by knowing and applying a technique or a style. Rather he is the one who finds no differentiation between him and the art he practices. It is the part of life. It fulfils one’s life. Thereby it gives maturity and perfection in ones action. Irrespective of gender or status,It enables one to make any hardship into opportunity.


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