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"Your Success Starts When You Synchronize Your Mind,Body & Spirit"

-Shihan Saravanan


Welcome to Sarchanbudo Martial Arts Academy


Sarchanbudo Martial Arts Academy is affiliated to World Sarchanbudo Association established with a vision to create awareness on martial arts oriented with Indian Culture and tradition. It imparts martial arts education and training under different categories. Sarchanbudo Karate, Kick Boxing, Women Self-defense, etc. It is created with a mission to impart physical, mental and spiritual strength and thereby to excel in one’s personal, education and professional life. Being the number one Martial arts academy in Chennai ensuring utmost safety and efficiency in skills, it is equipped with advanced martial art equipment and its unique training methods to make its students par equivalent with international standard and quality.

Classes are programmed and conducted in environment friendly and pollution less Indoor & outdoor parks. The academy is equipped with most advancements to meet the international standards and to give best edge for its students.. Its programmes under the expert guidance are designed with focus on the needs of the students and aspirant’s gender, age and lifestyle, more specific to the physical and mental strength.


"To defend is to defend your Life & Honor"

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